Tuesday, June 7, 2011


My goal was to walk on stage at 125-130lbs. The only problem is that when I checked my bf I have about 23-25 pounds of fat so unless my body metabolizes muscle as well, that weight isn't really possible. So I currently do not have a "weight goal". I have tried to figure out what was a good body fat for a bikini competition was...I what I came up with was depending on your body, for a bikini competition you could be anywhere from 10-15%...it depends on your body type. Because bikini competitiors are not supposed to be super lean or shredded, I decided the a good goal for me was at least 13%...and see how I look there and try to if I have to go for a little more. I know facts and figures are important, but honestly it is all about how you look because everyone's bodies are different! It is very important to not make it your obsession..yes training for something like this takes time and planning. But, it should not consume your entire life..plan your meals ahead of time and take everything with you. This is a big commitment because it has to be a part of your life but you also need to do your normal every day activities. Right now I am working as a personal trainer at gold's gym in bloomington and am taking a 2 hour night class 4 days a week. Between morning cardio, my clients, school, and my own workouts my whole days is consumed. But the only thing that gets me through is by packing my meals a head of time. I did forget to take a picture of my breakfast this morning...so I am not posting the pictures...I will hopefully get them up tomorrow night though. I have legs tomorrow..looking forward to a great workout. I will also try to make the point of posting my workouts as well. One more thing...cutting for a show becomes a way of life or a lifestyle..so make sure you are ready for that change! :)


  1. What if you are pretty ripped in upper back and abs but not legs ? Is it too much for bikini? I don't want to be soft but I don't want to have those big latts and shoulders like figure . Any advice?