Monday, June 6, 2011

My weight was about 158...granted I have a lot of muscle but still I have gained some weight for my 5'7" frame. I was about 23% bf...all of this was such a disappointment to me because I was 143 and 18% bf in February. But it doesn't matter because I am fixing it now. I have been trying to take pictures of my food when I get the chance I just have to get them uploaded on here..hopefully I will get all that up tomorrow:) keep reading!!


  1. what is your goal when you go on stage in August? It is very interesting to read your blog eventhough you dont have much pictures because I get lots of tips since I started my prep on sunday, although most likely I'm not gonna be going on stage I am still training intesevily and eating very clean, right now I am at 45min cardio 5/days a week, and 4 day strength training I am 5'6 and today I was 131.4 I started at 133 I dropped weight quickly because I used to eat A LOT of carbs maybe like 300 g a day of plain white flour/sugar type of carbs. I want to drop my BF% to 8% I have no idea where I am right many precent a week is considered safe to drop? Keep on posting I find your blog useful, get creative you'll see readers will start pouring, blogging is part of everyday life style, and it does take a lot of time as an ex daily blogger I know. Did you get a chance to look through my blog. I wanted to start my own journey of bikini prep but I am starting summer school and I dont think I will have time for that I am still wrapping up with my last final tomorow, I go to UC Berkely.

  2. You should look through your commentary regulations I am having a very hard time posting comments, put it that any one can comment it took me like 20 min to get this comment thorugh I kept on signing in and it would throw me out of the system again and again